White gourd skin dryer

Word of mouth, ingenuity and focus! Jushang has been committed to technology research and development and experience accumulation in food and drug drying since its establishment, and has provided good quality and cheap price [White gourd skin dryer] products to hundreds of customers!

White gourd skin, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dry outer peel of gourd. When eating wax gourd, wash it, peel off the outer peel, and dry it in the sun.

Our company's mesh belt dryer is used to dry the wax gourd skin. The multi-layer stainless steel mesh belt turnover structure is adopted. The sliced wax gourd skin is evenly spread on the mesh belt through the automatic feeding device, and then sent to the drying host. During the slow transmission of the stainless steel mesh belt inside the host, the hot air will be from bottom to top, and it will be dried layer by layer, realizing the mass and continuous drying customized operation. In the wax gourd skin dryer, the hot air temperature and the mesh belt running speed can be adjusted by the intelligent control system to ensure the customized quality and effect of wax gourd skin. The output, color and quality of dried and customized wax gourd skin are all good.

Product advantages:

1. Mesh belt dryer, material retention time and feeding speed to achieve good drying effect.

2. The equipment is equipped with flexible mesh belt dryer, which can use mesh belt washing system and material cooling system.

3. Most of the air in the mesh belt dryer (mesh belt dryer) is recycled to save energy.

4. The unique air distribution device of the dryer makes the hot air distribution more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality.

5. The heat source can be steam, heat transfer oil, electric or gas stove.

after-sale service:

1. The warranty period of all products sold by our company is one year. During the warranty period, free door-to-door maintenance (excluding the failure or damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena) is available.

2. Arrive at the site and solve the problem within seven working days after receiving the repair notice.

3. Users can consult relevant technical problems through after-sales telephone and get clear solutions.

4. In case of performance failure during normal use, our company promises the above warranty.

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