Pepper dryer

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Product introduction:

Pepper dryer is a continuous large hot air drying equipment, which is used for material transmission by stainless steel mesh. The pure hot air provided by the converter is used as the drying medium to exchange heat with the forsythia in the oven, thus promoting material drying. It has the advantages of small floor area, high drying quality, low cost and fast speed.

Product features:

1. The pepper box can be made of color steel, baking paint or stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable.

2. The feeding machine is equipped with a homogenizer, which can control the thickness of the material preparation layer without manual paving, reduce the labor level and ensure the drying quality.

3. Multi-layer structure is adopted in the box, which covers a small area. The material keeps turning and drying evenly in the process of falling.

4. According to customer requirements, we can design specifications with a growth of 6-13 meters and a number of 3-6 layers to meet the drying requirements of different materials and different yields.

working principle:

Place the pepper to be dried on the conveyor belt, and the material will be spread on the mesh belt after passing through the homogenizer, and then transported to the inside of the mesh belt pepper dryer, In the drying case, it turns and falls layer by layer in the shape of "s", and the dried pepper flows out from the discharge port. The converted hot air enters from the bottom of the dryer. Because the lower pressure is greater than the upper pressure, the hot air flows from bottom to top through each layer of mesh belt and the material layer on it, drying layer by layer, heat exchange is uniform and sufficient, supply efficiency is high, and dry product quality is good.

Technical parameters:

As a supply company, we can design suitable drying schemes for customers according to their output, water requirements, site size, etc. The following are common specifications and parameters for customers' reference. For specific schemes, please call the pepper dryer company: Jushang Machinery 13137152766

Model and specification long×high×wide(rice) Drying cycle(h) Fresh product handling capacity(ton/24h) Supporting power(kw)
HGJ-6×2 6×2×2.5 2-4 12 18.5
HGJ-7×2 7×2×2.5 2-4 15 18.5
HGJ-8×2 8×2×2.5 2-4 20 22.2
HGJ-9×2 9×2×2.5 2-4 22 27.5
HGJ-10×2 10×2×2.5 2-4 25 27.5
HGJ-12×2 12×2×2.5 2-4 30 35.5
HGJ-15×2 15×2×2.5 2-4 More than 30 tons 35.5

Product advantages:

1. The dryer is composed of four layers of 304 stainless steel mesh belt, which is rotated and dried layer by layer to largely simulate the sun turning.

2. The final wet air is discharged from the top. The contact time between the wet air and the material is very short, and there will be no "retting" phenomenon.

3. There are guiding and retaining devices between each layer of mesh belt, so that materials will not fall directly from the top to the bottom.

4. The feeding conveyor is equipped with an automatic material balancing device. Only if the thickness of the laying material of Forsythia suspensa entering the dryer is consistent, can the drying degree of the dry material be the same.

5. One machine can be used for many purposes. The drying equipment can be used for other agricultural products such as traditional Chinese medicine, fruits and vegetables, food, etc.

6. High degree of automation, labor and labor saving, and low use cost.

after-sale service:

1. The warranty period of all products sold by our company is one year. During the warranty period, free door-to-door maintenance (excluding the failure or damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena) is available.

2. Arrive at the site and solve the problem within seven working days after receiving the repair notice.

3. Users can consult relevant technical problems through after-sales telephone and get clear solutions.

4. In case of performance failure during normal use, our company promises the above warranty.

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