Small corn dryer

Time gathers essence, and ingenuity casts extraordinary! Jushang has been committed to technology research and development and experience accumulation in food and drug drying since its establishment, and has provided sincere service [Small corn dryer] products to hundreds of customers!

The corn dryer equipment is a continuous grain drying technology, which is based on the characteristics of grain drying, and fully combines the forms of downstream drying, subsection differential cooling and cross-flow cooling.

Product features:

According to the internal temperature and moisture distribution of rice, staggered downstream drying and differential slow drying, low temperature and large air volume uniform drying, short slow drying section is designed in the middle, so as to achieve a reasonable moisture and heat balance inside and outside the grain, and the moisture content of the grain after drying is uniform, reducing the grain burst rate, drying quality, and improving drying efficiency. The lower part of the small grain dryer (corn dryer for standby, small grain drying trunk line) is equipped with a long slow thawing section to make the grain slow thawing and drying time have a proper proportion, and the grain quality after further drying.

Product advantages:

No matter how the output changes, the dryer can be designed as a single unit with small floor area and less auxiliary equipment; Do not increase the number of operators; Open air, no canopy is required. Therefore, the larger the output, the lower the total investment cost of the system compared with the circulating dryer, and the more obvious the advantage of high efficiency. The working direction of the corn dryer line is designed with hot air ventilation. It has a wide drying area. Through constant temperature ventilation device, automatic and rapid temperature regulation, the hot air indirectly heats the grain without any pollution. Each grain is dried evenly, with good color and smell, and has excellent drying effect.

after-sale service:

1. The warranty period of all products sold by our company is one year. During the warranty period, free door-to-door maintenance (excluding the failure or damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena) is available.

2. Arrive at the site and solve the problem within seven working days after receiving the repair notice.

3. Users can consult relevant technical problems through after-sales telephone and get clear solutions.

4. In case of performance failure during normal use, our company promises the above warranty.

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