Small distiller's grains dryer

Learn deeply and understand carefully, and work hard! The following is the relevant information of Small distiller's grains dryer product organized by Jushang drying equipment for you. Due to the limited space, please call Jushang Small distiller's grains dryer product technical consultation telephone number immediately: [+86-13137152766] if you are not clear about it!

Product structure:

The small distiller's grains dryer is mainly composed of heat source, feeding machine, drying drum, transmission device, feeding machine, induced draft fan and power distribution cabinet. The wet distiller's grains are sent to the drying drum. The cylinder body is equipped with a number of spiral-shaped plates. The rotation of the cylinder body drives the plate to lift the distiller's grains continuously. The hitting device of the cylinder wall prevents the materials from sticking to the cylinder wall and the plate. The raised materials fully contact with the hot air flow from the induced draft system, It accelerates the heat and mass transfer of drying, evaporates water, completes drying and discharges it from the outlet.

Product advantages:

The small distiller's grains dryer can quickly dehydrate and dry the wet distiller's grains with moisture content of about 65% to dry products with moisture content of about 10%, which can be used to make high-protein feed, realizing the mechanization, industrialization and automation of distiller's grains drying treatment. The equipment has high degree of mechanization, large supply capacity, continuous operation, convenient operation, few failures, low maintenance costs and low power consumption.

Product features:

1. The structure is excellent and simple, the material runs smoothly through the cylinder resistance, and the operation is convenient.

2. Less failures, low maintenance costs and low power consumption.

3. The drying uniformity of the product is good.

after-sale service:

1. The warranty period of all products sold by our company is one year. During the warranty period, free door-to-door maintenance (excluding the failure or damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena) is available.

2. Arrive at the site and solve the problem within seven working days after receiving the repair notice.

3. Users can consult relevant technical problems through after-sales telephone and get clear solutions.

4. In case of performance failure during normal use, our company promises the above warranty.

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