Small bean dregs dryer

Seize the day and never lose the time! Jushang has been committed to technology research and development and product building in the food and drug drying field since its establishment, and has accumulated to provide quality assured [Small bean dregs dryer] products for many customers!

The bean dregs dryer adopts the advanced drum horizontal structure, the drum is evenly heated, and has the function of heat preservation, automatic rotation, automatic stir-frying, and automatic boiling out. The drum keeps rotating when working, so that the material can be stir-frying up and down, left and right, front and back, and three-dimensional, without sticking to the pan. Just press the forward and reverse switch, the motor will drive the drum to reverse, and the feed will automatically come out of the pot, which is fast, convenient and effortless. The automatic temperature control device can realize automatic operation, and the heating efficiency is good.

Product features:

1. It can be widely used for drying materials in the fields of river sand, sludge, coal slime, sawdust, sand, bean curd residue, chicken manure, organic fertilizer, feed, traditional Chinese medicine residue, distiller's grains, vinegar grains, etc;

2. The equipment has simple structure, small volume, convenient operation, no auxiliary equipment, and is convenient for transportation and movement;

3. Hot air is used as drying medium, and the circulation drying process is adopted. The material is evenly and fully heated and the quality is good after drying;

4. Use coal, rice husk or straw as fuel, and convert it into clean hot air through combustion and heat exchange, which is more environmentally friendly for the dried grain;

5. The heating system of the dryer is more advanced, and the converted heat energy can dry the materials, and the dried materials are more dry;

6. Small investment, low use cost, automatic control of working process, automatic shutdown, simple and labor-saving operation, meeting the needs of small and medium-sized farms and farmers;

7. It is equipped with automatic online temperature and humidity measuring device, which greatly improves the degree of automation and high drying uniformity;

8. It can automatically control the working process and automatically stop the machine, which is simple and labor-saving to operate and greatly reduce the labor cost;

9. It is easy to clean and will not be mixed, especially suitable for drying grain seeds.

after-sale service:

1. The warranty period of all products sold by our company is one year. During the warranty period, free door-to-door maintenance (excluding the failure or damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena) is available.

2. Arrive at the site and solve the problem within seven working days after receiving the repair notice.

3. Users can consult relevant technical problems through after-sales telephone and get clear solutions.

4. In case of performance failure during normal use, our company promises the above warranty.

Strive for success and achieve stability! Jushang people sincerely wish customers As always, everything wins! Bless the company to win the products of customers from all over the world, and expand the industry to open up all sources of wealth!! Jushang drying equipment is looking forward to cooperating with you. It is a great honor for Jushang to provide you with Small bean dregs dryer series products of sincere service!

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