Precautions for vegetable dryer

Add : 28/02/2023

Vegetable dryer usually refers to the process of passing hot air to evaporate and take away the moisture in the material. The requirements for drying equipment in the fruit and vegetable industry are higher and more accurate. Vegetable dryer technology improves the potential value of the product. Today, let's talk about the precautions for using vegetable dryer:

1. If conditions permit, the vegetable dryer can be equipped with a spray device to make the material achieve the effect of hot steaming. The moisture of the material is drained from the inside to the outside in stages. The dried material will not have deformation, internal crack, end crack and other phenomena.

2. The vegetable dryer can add a hot air recovery system to recycle the discharged hot air, accelerate the operation speed of the air flow in the drying room, speed up the drying time, and improve the utilization of heat energy.

3. Vegetable dryer drying is a matter of speed, but not speed. According to the characteristics of different materials, use different drying curves, pay attention to uniform heating, and also consider the flow direction of the wind, so that the hot air can flow from the materials.

4. The vegetable dryer can be used to dry to any required final moisture content, which is not limited by natural conditions; It has relatively mature drying theory and technology to ensure drying quality; Compared with natural drying, the drying cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, and the floor area is small; The equipment is not too complex, has long service life, is safe and reliable, and has good economic effect.